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With locations across Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, Mid Star Lab has established a long-trusted reputation for providing comprehensive foot care options at competitive prices. From the time a patient is seen for their initial appointment at one of our locations, to the fabrication and finally, the fitting appointment, our experts are dedicated to providing the best care possible. 

Our certified clinicians take the time to listen to our patients, understand their symptoms, and learn how their issues affect everyday functionality. This, in turn, allows us to more effectively and efficiently restore their comfort through a variety of orthotic measures and products. Using basic shoe and foot observations in addition to state-of-the-art technology, we are provided clear and precise data to identify areas that could benefit from added support.

Let Mid Star Lab deliver the right support through every step by scheduling your appointment today at one of our convenient locations. 

How Our Orthotic Process Works

First Appointment

During your first visit, our on-staff pedorthist or orthotist may capture a brief medical history, listen to your concerns, and conduct a physical assessment. These assessments can be as simple as a gait analysis, testing your mobility and range of motion, or an advanced video gait analysis using Go4-D Technology.

Understanding Your Options

Once your initial assessment is complete, the Mid Star Lab team will have the data needed to provide you with options and suggestions on what products would be best to provide relief. Depending on your specific issue and its severity, we offer a wide variety of prescription or custom solutions, along with over-the-counter options, such as inserts, braces and shoes. 

Taking Your Measurements

Once we have determined the appropriate orthotic product/device, it is time to take your measurements to ensure a proper fit. Our clinics utilize a variety of techniques to capture the exact size and shape of your foot. This can include 3D scanning, foam impressions, plaster casting, and more. 

Your Fitting Appointment

Once your custom orthotic device has been fabricated, we will perform an in-person fitting to ensure your device fits your feet properly. Our clinician will demonstrate how to don your device, provide care instructions for continued optimal performance and break-in protocols. At the time of your fitting, we can make minor adjustments to your orthotic device, if necessary. 

Experience the Ultimate in Orthotics

Mid Star Lab is proud to bring our patients advanced orthotic comfort technology from Go4D. With the ability to capture thousands of data points using medical-grade 3D foot scanners and digital casting technology, your custom printed orthotic is fabricated precisely to capture the shape and movement of your feet.

Go4D orthotic inserts feature a lattice-style design using the highest quality materials, delivering superior comfort and corrective capabilities with segmented control to optimize overall function to all parts of the foot.

Because of the simplicity, ease of use, and accuracy of Go4D’s orthotic and foot scanning technology and platform, Mid Star Lab is able to offer our patients a more affordable, customized product with options available for exclusive guarantees and warranties with Go4D. 

Only locations that offer that product are Del City, Kansas City, and Tonganoxie locations. 

Orthopedic Services

Who We Serve


Orthotics that absorb impact shock and reduce rubbing or irritation. 


Orthotics designed specifically to enhance stability and performance.

Foot Pain

Orthotics proven to relieve your foot, knee, lower back and heel pain.

Service Industry

Orthotics that provide full support and comfort for a long day of work.

Arch Support

Orthotics that stabilize the heel and distribute pressure to your feet.


Orthotics Services

Our certified clinicians are dedicated to providing the best care possible. 


Orthotics for patients that have served our country, through Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense.


Wholesale Custom Orthotics to care for your patients or refer your patients directly to one of our offices.

Custom Shoes

Specially crafted for patients feet that cannot be accommodated in a standard orthopedic shoe.


Diabetic Shoes and Custom Foot Orthotics for Native Americans.


Orthotics that absorb impact shock and reduce rubbing or irritation. 


Custom orthotics, orthopedic shoes, and orthopedic insoles.

Service Industry

Heel and comfort support for your feet for long shifts.

We deliver foot pain solutions by providing compassionate care, patient-focused service, and high-quality orthotic products.

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