Diabetic Orthotic Services

Diabetic Foot Orthotics


Over 30 million people in the United States are impacted by diabetes and a large percentage of them experience medical issues with their feet. Complications can include nerve damage, loss of feeling and poor circulation, skin changes, calluses, and foot ulcers, and they can present significant challenges to proper care.

Diabetic Orthotic Shoes

Custom orthotic diabetic shoes are made to fit your feet and are fabricated from breathable materials designed to cushion while providing extra support to the ankle, arch, and heel.

Diabetic Orthotic Inserts

Custom inserts can be prescribed to take pressure off specific areas of your foot where you struggle to heal and help prevent painful pressure points, blisters, and sores from developing.

Proper Care

Practice good hygiene habits by cleansing and thoroughly inspecting your feet and wearing clean socks each day. 

Need To Know

Things you need to know before your visit.

Medicare Documentation

Medicare has strict requirements regarding the fulfillment of diabetic foot orthotics and those requirements may impact when you can receive your orthotic products.

Bring the Following to Your Initial Evaluation Appointment

  1. A prescription for all required diabetic foot items, such as inserts, shoes, or shoe modifications, signed at an in-person appointment within the last 6 months, including your diagnosis and diabetic treatment history.
  2. A Statement of Certifying Physician completed by the MD/DO treating your diabetic condition, signed within the last 3 months.

Ordering Your Orthotics

At your evaluation, we will take your measurements and then order your prescribed orthotics. We strive to get these turned around as soon as possible.

Taking Your Products Home

We will then schedule your fitting and delivery appointment. You must be seen in-person on the day your orthotics arrive to take them home with you.


Who We Serve


Orthotics that absorb impact shock and reduce rubbing or irritation. 


Orthotics designed specifically to enhance stability and performance.

Foot Pain

Orthotics proven to relieve your foot, knee, lower back and heel pain.

Service Industry

Orthotics that provide full support and comfort for a long day of work.

Arch Support

Orthotics that stabilize the heel and distribute pressure to your feet.


Delivering High-Quality

Products to Our Patients

From over-the-counter orthotics to therapeutic shoes and custom fitted inserts, Mid Star brings our patients the latest and most trusted in orthopedic technology, products, and services. Since our creation, our family-owned business has been committed to enhancing the lives of our patients, one step at at time.

We deliver foot pain solutions by providing compassionate care, patient-focused service, and high-quality orthotic products.

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