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Mid Star Lab is committed to enhancing the lives of others, one step at a time!

We provide orthotics primarily for diabetics, children, athletes, elderly, the walking professional and veterans nationally. Our team includes board certified pedorthists, orthotic fitters, shoe fitters and technicians. All orthotics are custom made and our experience will ensure you will receive an excellent product to satisfy your patient’s needs. We’ve used just about every technique for making orthotics and have implemented the most effective solutions.

Schedule an appointment with Mid Star Lab clinicians for foot evaluations, fitting of diabetic and therapeutic shoes, precision-crafted orthotics and bracing, orthotic refurbishing and other foot care products.


We’re committed to the future. The company’s continual investment in the technology and up-to-date techniques of best industry practices ensure that our customers receive affordable, durable and precision-crafted products.

We use Dr. Alex Shang’s Automated Orthotic Manufacturing System (AOMS) to get the precision you need. This CAD/CAM capability means we indefinitely store your patient’s scanned foot image and, when necessary, remake your orthotics exactly like the first pair.

We use the Sharp Shape Scanner to capture a non-weight bearing neutral cast. This 3D scanner is the most widely used scanner within the industry. Graphics allow for medial and lateral heel capture as well as 1/1000 accuracy for length, width and arch. The scanner has the ability to cross-section a foot for measurement of rear foot and forefoot deformity. A digital copy of the cast can be saved to reference. This also means, like any type of cast we accept, we store the cast indefinitely for second pairs, etc. You never have to recast a patient unless there are major biomechanical changes. Depending on your volume, you can save $1,000-$10,000 a year from Plaster of Paris use in time and material. On average it takes less than five minutes to cast a patient.

Please request more information about getting a Scanner in your office to help you save time and money without sacrificing effectiveness, accuracy and quality!


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Our Story

In 1998 Ron and Kari Wagner were the parents to three young children and living in Dallas when they recognized a need for manufacturing custom orthotics in Kansas City. They did not think twice about the opportunity. Seemingly overnight the Wagner’s relocated their family to Kansas. With Ron’s lab experience and Kari’s business expertise, Mid Star Lab was up and running within six weeks.

Ron and Kari’s commitment to serve their customers and patients has passed down to their children. For years, the Wagner’s sold wholesale to podiatrists and other foot care providers throughout the Midwest. In the fall of 2011, Mid Star Lab began expanding their services to not only manufacturing the devices, but also expanded their business to include shoes. The expansion did not stop there. Mid Star Lab then began servicing their patients directly by adding certified clinicians to their staff. 

In the fall of 2017 negotiations started with Capitol Orthopedic. By the end of the year an agreement was reached and Mid Star Lab purchased Capitol Orthopedic and overnight Mid Star Lab became a full blown orthotics and prosthetics operation.

While the story continues there was a significant loss on December 23, 2017. Unexpectedly, Ron Wagner, the patriarch and steady presence at the helm of the business, went home to be with the Lord.

Ron's Legacy

The family and company still feels the pain of this loss, but continue to press on. Our mindset is often focused on what Ron would have us do. He would have us continue to move forward and grow. He would have us continue to make quality products and most of all he would have us serve others. His example paved the way.
Our focus is to continue to grow and share our passion for helping physicians and patients with all of their orthotic and prosthetic needs across the country.


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Phits 3D Insoles